This page is about the IMPACT 1015 60W amplifier head.

In August 2000, I got one of these amps from a friend who had found it on a garbage dump. The front plate is missing, else it's in quite good shape for the age. The chassis is in excellent condition! It has very good looking transformers, and the output transformer has the same size as the power transformer. It has a quite advanced way to change the output impedance, a way to keep the whole secondary winding connected at all times. (See the schematic!)
There are two versions of this amp, one with several "bright caps" in the pre-amps, but apart from that the same.
There's also a a model with Reverb and Tremolo.

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Sixten Forsén, EDGAR Audio. Bollnäs Sweden.

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Schematics: Impact 60 1015PA-S  (I have drawn this from my amp, so I can't be sure that this is the original schematic, but my amp doesn't seem to have been modified in any way.)
Bright version. Impact 60 1015A
The current revision of my own amp: Impact 60 1015PA-S/2
Original schematic! Impact 60 Reverb&Tremolo.